Bullet resistant PASGT helmets are manufactured by Safe-Pro USA in Miami, FL U.S.A. and are offered in Standard and custom design options. Custom design options are offered in progressive levels of ballistic protection against multiple projectile threats.​



Protection Level: NIJ 0106.01 / NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Suspension: Adjustable circumferential headband or 7-PAD system, as required. The headband suspension is adjustable around the periphery / circumference of the head and can also be adjusted up and down to enable the helmet sit high or low on the head.

Chinstrap: 4-Point suede lined adjustable chinstrap with nape band and quick release buckle. Worm dial chinstrap is available as an upgrade.

Inner Foam Liner: The inside of the helmet is equipped with an impact foam liner for enhanced protection against blunt trauma.


Outre Shell: 100% Aramid.

Color: High strength and durable epoxy and polyurethane coating on exterior, offered in standard colors: Black, Green, Tan, Gray and Blue.

Shell Weight: S:1.4 Kg, M: 1.45 Kg; L: 1.5 Kg, XL: 1.55 Kg

Ballistic Testing / Verification: All product verification is conducted at an accredited independent ballistic testing laboratory.


1 year outer finish and accessories 

5 years for Ballistic