Anti-Fragmentation Apron

Anti Fragmentation Apron is used for clearing /disposing suspicious explosive objects or for anti-mine clearance and similar operations. Hard armor insert plate pocket is provided for optional plate used for resistance against high velocity fragments (4800 ft/sec or 1455 m/sec) and for deflecting blast overpressure. This product has been successfully used in mine clearance operations funded by the U.S. Department of State.

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Key Features: 6" - 8" High collar, Frontal protection for thighs, groin, lower abdomen, chest right up to the neck

Sizes: S, M, L, XL OR CUSTOM

Material: Fire, water, tear and abrasion resistant Cordura, Nomex or PVC coated fabric

Color: Black, Navy blue or custom colors

Protection Level: NIJ 0101.05 Level IIIA PLUS 17 gr FSP fragmentation resistance of 1550 ft/ sec (470 m/sec) and (NATO STANAG Level 4569 Level II)

Custom protection levels available.

Recommended to be used as a modular add-on for the anti-fragmentation blanket