Ballistic Helmet - MICH Style

Bullet resistant helmets in the MICH Style. The helmets are constructed of with advanced synthetic fiber material hybrids including woven aramid fabric. Ballistic helmets are offered in Standard as well as Custom designed options in progressive levels of ballistic protection. The helmets are rated for protection against a wide spectrum of projectile threats, including NIJ IIIA.


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Protection Levels: Full NIJ 0106.01 modified for Level IIIA for Protection against 9 mm and 44 magnum projectiles.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green

Weight: (For Protection NIJ Level IIIA)

Small: 3.30 lbs.; Medium: 3.38 lbs.; Large: 3.43 lbs.; X-Large: 3.50 lbs.

Suspension: 4-Point chinstrap suspension with adjustable length and quick disconnect buckle.

7-Foam Pads: Each helmet has 7 foam pads - Crown, Front, Back, 2 on each side.

Material of Construction of Shell: Aramid fabric construction.

Material of Construction of Suspension: Nylon webbing.

Edge Trim: Each helmet is equipped with a durable wear resistant edge trim.

Nape Guard: Each helmet suspension is equipped with a nape guard.

Water Resistance: Each helmet is coated with epoxy resin inside and outside to impart water resistance

Ballistic Testing /Verification: Production Lot Testing for each contract is conducted is  conducted at NIJ accredited U.S. independent ballistic testing laboratory.