Blast Resistant Bins

Model: SP-BRB-332, Blast Resistant Bin, Explosive Storage Bin. 

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Protection Level: Capable of resisting up to 1 Kg. of explosive charge. 

Description of Function of the Bin: Upon detonation of the explosive inside, the bin directionally vents the ex-plosive blast upward through the top of the bin. Thus, collateral damage from blast forces to the surrounding area on the sides is mitigated. 

Exterior Dimensions: 25” Diameter x 36” Height X 40 mm wall thickness. 

Material of construction of EOD Bin: The explosive containment bin is constructed from high strength composite of Kevlar / aramid material which is capable of sustaining high magnitude blast forces. 

Capability to Roll: The bin is equipped with two circum-ferential rings on its exterior in order to facilitate the bin to be rolled on the ground for short distances. 

Weight: The blast resistant bin weighs approx. 210 lbs. 

Lid: The bin is equipped with a freely detachable lid. 

X-Ray Capability: The blast resistant bin is constructed 100% with non metal composite materials, and has the capability to be X-Rayed for viewing contents. 

Color: The blast resistant bin is supplied in a textured durable black finish. 

Bulk Transportation: The blast bins are designed to fit four on a pallet of size 48”x 48”. Bins can be stacked and transported in a Cargo Container. 

Blast Test Verification: At an additional price, blast testing can be conducted with 1 Kg. of the specified explosive for test verification. 

Explosives Containment Bins: Custom built bins of other sizes and designs, which can contain from 0.05 Kg. to 2 Kgs. of explosive charge are also offered.