Bullet Resistant Shields

Safe-Pro manufactures a wide range of bullet and blast resistant shields in Miami, Florida, USA. The shield Model: SP-203401-IIIA is designed to meet specific end item features and performance characteristics in respect of dimensions, weight, viewing window size, lights, shape, carry handle and ballistic performance. This shield is designed to have total weight of 16.85 lbs. without lights. The level of protection offered is NIJ 0108.01 IIIA projectiles and velocities.

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Model SP-203401-IIIA
Overall Size: 20” x 34”.
Protection Level: Compliant to NIJ Standard 0108.01 Level IIIA, for both opaque and transparent components.
Projectiles and Velocities: Resists NIJ Level IIIA projectiles 9 mm and 44 magnum at the velocity of 1400 ft. /sec.
Material of construction: High performance and high tenacity, fire resistant, woven light weight aramid pre-preg material.
Viewport: Curved enlarged viewport, size 4”x 18”, designed to offer protection against multiple shots.
Ambidextrous Handle: Durable, rugged ambidex-trous handle for right and left handed users, comfort grip.
Color: Black, exterior durable and rugged hard coat.
Forearm Strap: Located below the ambidextrous handle and can be cinched around the forearm for stability.
Carry Strap offered with quick release buckles
Foam Pad: The Foam pad 1” thick, supports the forearm while holding the ambidextrous handle.
Weight: 16.85 lbs. without lights.