Bullet Resistant Tactical (Overt) Vests

Bullet resistant Tactical (Overt) Vests are manufactured by Safe-Pro USA in Miami, FL. These vests are manufactured with U.S. materials and are offered in Standard with protection level complying to the NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA.

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Protection Levels: Full NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA for protection against 9 mm and 44 magnum bullets. With the addition of hard armor rifle plates, the protection
level can be increased to NIJ Level III. This vest is equipped with Front and Back Hard Armor Plates NIJ 0101.06 Level III In Conjunction With
the Safe-Pro NIJ Level IIIA Vest. Plate Size: 250 mm x 300 mm Shooters Cut.
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Exterior Finish: The Outer carrier of each vest is constructed of tough, water and wear resistant 420 denier ripstop nylon fabric and alternatively 500 denier
Cordura fabric in black.
Total Weight: Size Large: 5 Kgs (1 Vest + 2 Plates)
Ballistic Inserts: Each vest is equipped with removable ballistic inserts, sewn inside a water resistant nylon pouch.
Material of Construction of Ballistic Insert: Kevlar / Aramid woven fabric which is high strength and durable.
Ballistic Testing /Verification: Production Lot Testing is performed at an accredited U.S. ballistic testing laboratory.
Vest Sizing Criteria: Size Small: Chest girth 36 inches, waist girth 34 inches and height from neck scoop to the bottom is 14”;Size Medium: Chest girth 38
inches, waist girth 36 inches and height from neck scoop to the bottom is 14.75”;Size Large: Chest girth 40 inches, waist girth 38 inches and height
from neck scoop to the bottom is 15.50”;Size X-Large: Chest girth 42 inches, waist girth 40 inches and height from neck scoop to the bottom is 16.25”.
Front and Back Plate Pockets are provided for size 10” x 12” hard armor plates, Shooters Cut
Closure: Adjustable 4-point closure, 2-sides and 2-shoulders.
MOLLE Webbing Straps (2) are provided on Front and Sides.
Drag / Grab Strap is provided in the rear of the vest.