CRUSADER Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Safe Pro USA's CRUSADER Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a tactical robotic system specially designed for heavy lift and reconnaissance operations. It is wholly manufactured in the USA and is fabricated using components from top-rated suppliers in the United States.



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Dimensions: Total Length: 36 inches without tracks/ and 40 inches with tracks. Total Height 29” at stowed position.

Speed: 3 km per hour (forward and reverse). Maximum Speed: 5.25 km per hour.

Functional Characteristics:

– Can be used for performing numerous EOD functions with the application and operation of the manipulator arm attached to the robot

– Equipped with a high definition, tilt and zoom cameras which can be used for conducting remote inspection, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes

– Can be used for under vehicle inspection with the use of its manipulator arm

– Designed with self-collision avoidance technology with two single beam forward sensors and two single beam rear sensors for a  total of four (4) sensors which protect the robot from impacting self- damage during operation

Track: The Track is fabricated of high strength reinforced rubber sections which enclose six rubber wheels moving inside the track. The fiber reinforced rubber tracks can be removed, leaving only the wheels for specific missions as desired.

Total Weight: 180 kgs with batteries, with applicable standard manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%

Ground Clearance: The ROV has the following overall dimensions: With tracks: 3 inches; Without tracks: 2.5 inches.

Obstacle Clearance Features: Stair Climbing 8 inches in height; Capable of negotiating 41 degrees of gradient; capable of clearing vertical obstacle of 30.5 cm; capable of clearing horizontal obstacle of  35.2 cm; capable of minimum side tilt of 30 degrees

Chem-Bio Washdown: The ROV is designed to allow washdowns of Chem-Bio

Ingress Protection: IP55

Deployment Time: 5 minutes or less

Operational Temperature Tolerance: The ROV is capable of withstanding maximum operational temperature of 50 degrees C

Fording Depth: 132 mm

Designed to be Heavy and Capabal of Defecting Blast Forces/Blast Wave: The ROV weighs 180 Kgs and is engineered with a very low height, heavy and stable base with a low Center of Mass which imparts high stability and resistance to flipping against blast forces. For EOD missions, the ROV can be equipped with a special blast resistant shield (supplied) to divert and deflect blast forces.