Fragmentation and Bullet Resistant Helmet, Face shield and Apron

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(a) Demining Helmet & Face shield: SP-DHFS-FRAG-03. 

(b) Demining Apron: SP-DA-FRAG-12. 

Fragmentation Protection: 

STANAG 2920 Fragmentation V50 with 1.1 gram Fragment Simulating Projectile is 2,100 ft/sec. for helmet and 220 m/sec. for Face Shield. 

Apron: V50 = 410 m/ sec.; With Chest Plate: 1,600 m/sec. 

Coverage: Full Face, Neck and Head. 

Material of construction: 

-Face shield: 6 mm thick Polycarbonate. 

-Helmet: 100% Aramid. 

-Apron: 100% Aramid. 

Adjustability: Face shield is adjustable and can flip up for allowing additional airflow / ventilation. 

Maximum Weight of Apron: 9 - 11 Kgs.; Helmet: 3.9 lbs.; Face shield: 1.2 Kgs.