Fragmentation Protection Vest

Fragmentation resistant vest is used in environments with risk of exposure to blasts and shrapnel arising from bombs, mines, IEDs and other explosive devices. The LifeLine AF-08 Fragmentation vest is offered in Modular Base and Optional components.

The vest is FRONTAL ONLY:

A. Fragmentation Vest—V50 Protection against fragments with a velocity of 450 m/sec. with 17 gr FSP in accordance with MIL-STD 662F.

B. Collar/ Neck protection—Optional modular ADD-ON to the vest.

C. Shoulders and upper arm protection—Optional modular ADD-ON to the vest.


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Sizes: S, M, L, XL. The front panel width at waist: S=19” wide; M=21” wide; L=23” and XL=25” wide. Standard 16” height from the scoop of neck to the bottom edge of the vest.

Protection Area: This vest offers Frontal protection only—from Front Shoulder to the waist. The vest is designed to be extra long with standard length of 16” for all sizes. This length is measured from the base of neck scoop to the bottom edge of the vest.

Material of Construction: (a) Carrier: Light Blue or Olive Green tactical wear fabric; (b) Ballistic Insert: Aramid hybrid fabric layers which is also consist of some hard armor layers for some resistance against blast.

The Frontal Protection Only vest panel is secured to the torso with “X “ shaped 2”, high strength webbing on the back and sides, secured with quick disconnect Fastex buckles.


This vest is recommended to be used in conjunction with (a) Ballistic helmet and visor and (b) Ballistic shin guards. Hard armor insert plate pocket is provided for optional plate used for resistance against high velocity shrapnel / fragments and also for deflecting the blast over pressure.

Weight of Frontal Protection Vest: 6 lb. or less