Hard Armor Plate NIJ Level III+

SAFE-PRO USA NIJ Level III+ Plates are compliant to the NIJ Standard 0101.05 Level III and additionally are capable of defeating other rifle projectile threats. The plates are Stand Alone and offered in Front, Back and Side Plate designs.


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Model: SPUS-III+-03

Protection Level: NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level III In Conjunction With the Safe-Pro USA NIJ Level IIIA Bullet Resistant Vest.

The plate is capable of defeating multiple impacts of 7.62 x 39 MSC and Ball projectiles, 5.56 x45 M855 SS109 GREEN TIP, 7.62 X 54R LPS (Russian) DRAGUNOV; .338 LAPUA MAGNUM

Size: 10”x 12” Shooters Cut.

Shape: Single curve

Standard Weight: 3 Kgs.

Finish: Covered in 500D Black Cordura water resistant fabric cover

This plate is offered in Front, Back, and Side Plate configurations.

Water resistant, oil resistant and salt/fog resistant.