Portfolio Style Folding Bullet and Fragmentation Resistant Blanket in a Carry Bag

Portfolio Style Folding Blanket is a compact handheld blanket which is stored inside a Hand Carry Bag in folded form, Portfolio Style. Upon deployment
the blanket is released to its full length.

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Model: AMS-IIIA; Protection: NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA;
Fragmentation Resistance STANAG 2920, 1.1 gram FSP
V50: Minimum 475 m/s.
Size: Folded: 650 mm +/- 50 mm Wide x 500 mm height;
Full Foldout: 650 mm +/- 50 mm Wide x 1400 maximum and 1250 mm minimum height.
Blanket Cover and Color: 1000 denier BLACK Cordura cover which is wear resistant, strong and robust.
Weight: 7.5 Kgs. Maximum.
Ballistic Insert: Light weight 100% aramid (such as Kevlar) fabric.
Ballistic Insert Encapsulation and Sealing: The ballistic insert/s are encapsulated in a polyurethane coated nylon ripstop fabric which is ultrasonically sealed on all sides
around the insert in order to protect the insert from water moisture and weather elements.
NO Ballistic Gaps: The unique design of the blanket uses a single ballistic panel which is folded. This design guarantees that there are no ballistic gaps.
Carry Handle: The blanket is folded Portfolio Style and is equipped with handles to carry like a Portfolio Case.
Protection of Vital Areas: The blanket is equipped with a chest pocket, to accept size 10” x 12” hard armor plate, with protection level of NIJ IV.