Special Forces Helmets

Ballistic helmets designed for Special Forces operations providing Level IIIA protection against handguns including .44 magnum protectiles.

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Model: SP-SF-08 Helmets

Special Forces Ballistic Helmets with multiplicity of features.

NIJ Protection Level: Fully compliant to NIJ 0106.01, Level IIIA specification. Capable of defeating caliber 9 x 19 mm Luger and 44 magnum projectiles.

Design: This helmet is Hi-Cut over the ears and supports the use of ear phones, the use of visor and NBC mask.

Material of construction: The helmet is constructed of 100% aramid fabric.

Weight: Size Small: 1.35 Kg; Size Medium: 1.45 Lbs.; Size Large 1.55 lbs. Tolerance: 5%

Color: Durable, Black, Tan, Flat Olive Drab color. Other colors are available.

Suspension System Options: (a) 7-Pad Suspension system consists of system of 7 adjustable pads which are mounted with Velcro to the inner surface of the helmet.

Suspension System (b): Circumferential headband with crown strap supports

Chinstrap: Four point chinstrap is adjustable and has a nape guard and a quick release buckle.

Materials of Construction: The materials of construction of the chinstrap consist of only cotton and suede as the materials in direct contact with the user’s body.

Options: (1) Side Rails, (2) Night Vision Shroud, (3) Visor, (4) NBC mask

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large