Tank Top Bullet Resistant Vest

A covert/concealable Level IIIA body armor vest/carrier

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Type of Wear: Covert / Concealable
Protection Level: Body armor is compliant to NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA (Independent accredited NIJ laboratory test reports are available)
Area of Coverage: Front and Back
Color: White / Black
Light Weight Vest: The weight of size Medium vest is 2.37 Kgs or less
Low Profile Fit: The vest has average thickness of approximately 1/4”
Snug Conformance to User’s Torso: The Outer carrier materials of construction are stretch fabrics which are very flexible and conform snugly to the User’s torso.
Materials of Construction—Outer Carrier: The outer carrier of the vest is constructed of white/ black stretch Poly-Spandex outer and inner fabric.
Closure: The vest carrier has a zippered closures on the left and the right sides.
Optional Side Pocket: The vest can be optionally equipped with an internal side pocket, with a side ballistic insert.